2nd Workshop: Connecting Housing Researchers in Austria


Vienna Universitz of Economics and Business
Welthandelsplatz 1
1020 Vienna

Building: AD, room AD.0.114
Date: 30 January 2023

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This workshop aims to connect economists (and social scientists in general) based in Austria and working on residential housing markets. Participants are encourages to present an advanced or recently published study best reflecting their current interests. A special focus will be put on general measurement issues as well as current pressing issues, including i.a. (house price) inflation, population movements, tightening rental markets, and policy analyses.


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The workshop benefits from funding by the OeNB Anniversary Fund, Grant No. 18767 (LocHouse).

1st Workshop: Perceptions and Measurement


Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research
11, Porte des Sciences
4366 Esch-sur-Alzette / Belval

Building: Maison de Sciences Humaines
Date: 14-16 September 2022

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What do we actually measure when assessing housing sales and rent prices? The outcome of a market matching processes truly driven by supply and demand? Observed prices are also affected by policies in place, e.g., rent control or policies supporting home-ownership, hampering international comparisons, as well as measurement issues whenever relying on “close-to-market-prices” originating from appraisals, advertisements or surveys. Better understanding the type and source of bias potentially inherent in such data may, however, also provide additional opportunities for researchers to measure beliefs and attitudes affecting the person providing the data.

This workshop thus aims to bring together researches working on topical issues related to residential housing markets making use of diverse data sources.


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Sumit Agarwal (National University of Singapore)
Professor of Finance, Economics and Real Estate
Low Tuck Kwong Distinguished Professor
Managing Director, Sustainable and Green Finance Institute (SGFIN)
Keynote Lecture

Key dates

  • Abstracts can be submitted until 31. May 2022
  • Date sending out acceptance letters: 15. June 2022
  • Registration deadline: 15. July 2022
  • Workshop: 14.-16. September 2022


The workshop benefits from funding by the FNR Luxembourg National Research Fund, CORE Grant No. 3886 (ASSESS).