Welcome to my website. I am an economist based at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). My current research focuses on economic measurement and macro-economic implications. I am particularly interested in the distributional and spatial dimension of economic phenomena.

I have worked on measurement issues related to real estate economics, the dynamics in house prices, rents and price-to-rent ratios, the CPI, and the distribution of wealth.

Currently, I am interested in measuring (housing) wealth and its distribution, peoples’ knowledge about and perception of their own wealth, differences and potentials of macro-economic indicators based on objective and subjective data, and the improvement of econometric techniques to construct contemporary and historic house price and rent indices.

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Working Papers

Current Projects

  • Global Comparisons of Housing Boom-Bust-Cycles Using Micro Data on Prices and Rents (with Robert J. Hill, Ronan Lyons, Daniel P. McMillen, and Chihiro Shimizu)
  • Historic Rental Prices in St. Petersburg (1880-1917): Revolutions, World War I and Rent Control (with Konstantin Kholodilin and Leonid E. Limonov)
  • Are People Aware of their Wealth? Reliability of and Consequences from Using Self-Assessed House Prices and Hypothetical Rents Based on Joint Evidence from Survey and Experimental Data (with Francesco Fallucchi and Michael Ziegelmeyer)


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Award of Excellence – Staatspreis für die besten Dissertationen
Doctoral Session at the 2017 AREUEA-ASSA Conference in Chicago

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