Teaching and Supervision


I am happy to supervise students interested in housing economics, housing sales or rental markets, topics related to wealth or inequality, and questions broadly related to (behavioral) household finance or economic measurement.

Students are invited to come up with their own ideas. Sometimes it is possible to join an existing research project as a research assistant or even co-author.

Students should be able to perform sound empirical and/or theoretical analyses, have a good understanding of R (or Python, MATLAB, Mathematica, etc. whenever appropriate) and write preferably in LaTeX (e.g., via Overleaf). Master theses have to be written in English.

Interested students should approach me directly via e-mail.

Topics chosen by students:

  • Rental Market in Berlin: The Effectiveness of the Rent Freeze
  • Origins of Wealth and Wealth Mobility in Austria
  • Analysing the Malaysian Housing Market using Google Trends
  • A Job Guarantee for Germany
  • Inequality and Private Schooling in the United Kingdom
  • How are corruption and inequality related?
  • Democratic Political Engagement: A Statistical Matching Approach
  • Influence of FDI on Political Engagement in the Visegrad Countries
  • Do incomes keep up with house prices? A global comparison
  • Distribution of Education Attainment in the USA
  • Occupational shortages in Austria. An extension of the unemployment-vacancy ratio
  • On the connection between income inequality, human development and corruption perception: A global comparison


Vienna University of Economics and Business

  • Economic Approaches Towards Inequality and Distribution; International Summer University ISUWU (2022, 2023)
  • Field Course: Economics of Distribution; Master (W 2022/23)
  • Specialization Course – Economics of Distribution; Master (W 2020/21, W 2021/22)
  • Specialization Course – Economics of Distribution; Bachelor (W 2020/21, W 2021/22, W 2022/23)
  • Theoretical and Empirical Topics in Economics of the Distribution; Bachelor (S 2019)
Teaching Evaluation at WU
  • Theoretical and Empirical Topics in Economics of the Distribution: 1.22 (overall) and 1.36 (didactics)

[Scale: 1 – best, 6 – worst]

University of Graz

  • Econometrics II; Tutorial; Economics Bachelor (S 2015, S 2016)
  • Econometrics I; Tutorial; Economics Bachelor (W 2015/16)
  • Crash course “Introduction to Programming with R”; Economics Master (March 2015, Sept 2015)
  • Introduction to Programming with Matlab; Practical; Mathematics Bachelor (W 2011/12)
  • Linear Algebra for Mathematicians; Tutorial; Mathematics Bachelor (W 2010/11)

Graz University of Technology

  • Mathematics I – Calculus; Tutorial and Practical; Introduction course for Engineering subjects, Bachelor (W 2013/14)
  • Mathematics II – Calculus; Tutorial and Practical; Introduction course for Engineering subjects, Bachelor (S 2013)
  • Linear Algebra; Practical; Physics Bachelor (W 2012/13, W 2013/14)

[W – Winter term, S – Summer term]